Les Siècles are very excited to host the composer Arnaud Petit in residence for three projects about musics, sciences and technologies.

Arnaud Petit is a composer formed by CNSM and IRCAM, ex member of Académie de France in Rome and Villa Médicis. He is in residence at Les Siècles for three specific projects. Open-minded and lively, he is interested in all  musical forms with a predilection for the link between music and story -for instance, cinema, oratorio and opera. Arnaud Petit was honoured with several awards and residences : Lauréat Lavoisier of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Académie de France in Rome,Villa Médicis, McDowell fellow in United-States and Music Theatre Now of International Theatre Institute-Unesco Berlin.

This spring 2017, Arnaud Petit presents three projects : the technologic opera “I.D.”, the installations and performances “Formulaire” in “Le Rêve des formes” exhibition at Palais de Tokyo and the spectacular musical work “Memories”. Pedagogical actions intented for young people are organized : conferences, masterclass, workshops in academies and schools.

“I.D.” is an opera where technology is used to call dream and memory. Arnaud Petit plays with the illusion’s phenomenon and creates, in collaboration with Le Fresnoy, the virtual sosie of Eleonore Lemaire singer. There is a mystery around the technologic character’s identity. Then, the viewer starts a mental exploration. The musicians of Les Siècles orchestra create the story’s soundtrack. A dreamlike and sophisticated opera which shows hidden sides of human or even historic consciousnesses.

“Formulaire” is an artwork geared towards “Le Rêve des formes” exhibition at Palais de Tokyo. Arnaud Petit got his inspiration from the mathematical models of Institut Henri Pointcaré’s collection (IHP), “these sculptures created from equations”. These geometric forms made by wood, plaster or thread do not represent what we see but what we know, that means the mathematical thought product. Arnaud Petit observes these sculptures in a artistic way. They give an “eternity sensation”. So, he associates a “reciting scientific character” with the musicians of Siècles for several installations and performances.

“Memories” is a spectacular musical work which follows the last one “Vesperor” which deals with “the last day’s consciousness, living the last day […] as a requiem’s mirror”. More audacious but also more dramatic, “Memories” creation is builded in relation with hospital setting. We are close to thoughts and perceptions of persons nearing the end of life. So, “Memories” shows some sick persons through videos and sounds without being identifiables. There are only musicians of Siècles on stage. Strong, sensible, “Memories” is probably one of the most significant project of Arnaud Petit’s residence at Les Siècles.

With the support of SACEM


From Wednesday, June 14th to Sunday, September 10th 2017
“Formulaire” dans le cadre de l’exposition “Le Rêve des Formes”
Paris, Palais de Tokyo

Friday, October 20th 2017
Lille, Théâtre du Nord