Beethoven and one of his most famous contemporary french composer : here is the topic of these programmes particularly linked to the image of Napoléon Bonaparte.

François-Xavier ROTH speaks about the link between BEETHOVEN & FRANCE

Between fascination and hate, two composers of the early 19th century are inspired by the impressive person of Napoléon Premier :
• Méhul, whose the Messe pour le Sacre de Napoléon 1er will be rejected in favor of the piece of Paisello
• Beethoven, whose enthusiasm for the figure of Bonaparte and the egalitarian dream that the savior of the French Revolution seems to embody, is soon sickened by the proclamation of the coronation of Napoléon. His Symphony No. 3 originally dedicated to Napoleon will finally take the title of Heroic Symphony to celebrate the memory of a great man.


Thursday, September 29th 2016, 8:30pm
Laon, Cathédrale

Saturday, October 1st 2016, 8pm
Bonn, BeethovenFest

Tuesday, January 24th 2016, 8:30pm
Grenoble, MC2

Friday, March 10th 2016, 8pm
Nîmes, Théâtre

Saturday, March 11th 2016, 7pm
Versailles, Opéra Royal