On the 7th October, Les Siècles will be back at the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam a legendary hall known for its acoustics as well as for the conductors and the orchestras who succeeded one another.
With François-Xavier Roth conducting, you will be presented a program showing Napoleon’s strong influence on some composers among his contemporaries.

François-Xavier ROTH speaks about the link between BEETHOVEN & FRANCE

Etienne-Nicolas Méhul,  Les Amazones (Overture)
Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony n°5 in C minor
Franz Xaver Kleinheinz, Mass in A major « called Méhul ’s Mass »

Les Siècles
François-Xavier Roth, conductor
Chantal Santon, soprano
Caroline Meng, mezzo
Artavazd Sargsyan, tenor
Tomislav Lavoie, baritone
Flemish Radio Choir

This is a three part program, in a genuine « glorious revolutionary style ».
Les Amazones (ou la Fondation de Thèbes) composed by Etienne-Nicolas Méhul, is an opera produced in honour of the wedding of Napoleon with young impress Marie-Louise.
It is clearly an allusion to the reconciliation between France and Austria but it is also for the Emperor a means  of establishing his superiority through the personification of  antique heroes and their glorious feats.

The Mass in A major naturally follows. Apparently it was composed for the coronation of Napoleon but some recent musicological discoveries seem to indicate that the paternity of this masterpiece belongs to Franz Xaver Kleinheinz and not Etienne-Nicolas Méhul as History has led us to believe for a long time.

Finally, Beethoven ‘s fifth Symphony , called The Destiny Symphony, is performed. It is assumed that Beethoven began creating this symphony while composing the third one which was dedicated to Napoleon himself.
It is in this post-revolutionary atmosphere and surrounded by the napoleonian wars that is composed the monumental masterpiece which benefits from a longer maturation than the 3rd Symphony. Beethoven sinking into deafness nevertheless remains fascinated by the revolutionary ideas and is inspired by the official composers of the french revolution : Gossec, Méhul, Rouget de l’Isle.
With the fifth symphony, the symphonic orchestra radically opens up a new era and ushers in Berlioz, Wagner, Mendelssohn…Romanticism in music is born.

It is this political and musical revolution that François-Xavier Roth and Les Siècles supported by the Palazetto Bru Zane bring back to life during this performance.

Listen to the concert live on Dutch radio: http://www.radio4.nl/ntrzaterdagmatinee/concert/661/vrijheid-in-morseVrijheid-in-morse

Chantal Santon Caroline Meng Artavazd Sargsyan Tomislav Lavoie



Saturday 7th october 2017, 14:15
Amsterdam, Concertgebouw