For the centenary of its creation, Les Siècles propose an innovative version of Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat on Thursday, june 1rst 2017 at La Cité de la Musique de Soissons.

Joseph, a young soldier, goes home on leave and meets the Devil. He trades his violin -that is, his soul -to the Devil in return for a book which predicts the future and gives him an unlimited economic gain. Will his new condition of free and wealthy man be fatal?

Conceived by Igor Stravinsky  and the writer Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz in 1917, L’Histoire du soldat is a revolutionary work. Inspired by a Russian folk tale, circus and jazz, the work is at the crossroads of music, theater and dance. Les Siècles present the work in a version including a comedian -who plays the parts of both Joseph and the Devil-, an illustrator and seven musicians, playing on appropriated instruments. The artwork’s original hybridity continues to grow : in this version, L’Histoire du Soldat gets a graphic dimension. L’Histoire du Soldat of Les Siècles has his third actor, the illustration. So, the declamations, sound experimentations and illustrations interweave with beauty and humor.

Cécile Pruvot and Nicolas Simon worked together for the illustrated concert Stravinsky’s Petrouchka.
The creation took place on March 27th 2015 in Paris with L’Orchestre Philharmonique du COGE.

Illustrated concert

Nicolas Simon, direction
Arnaud Marzorati, comedian
Cécile Pruvot, illustrations
Laetitia Ringeval, violin
Damien Guffroy, bass
Christian Laborie, clarinet
Michael Rolland, bassoon
Fabien Norbert, trumpet
Cyril Lelimousin, trombone
David Dewaste, percussions


Thursday, June 1rst 2017, 2 pm
Soissons, Cité de la Musique, educational concert

Thursday, June 1rst 2017, 8.30 pm
Soissons, Cité de la Musique