Les Siècles rediscover the « Ode – Symphonie » Christophe Colomb by Félicien David played on period instruments.

Félicien David (1810-1876), has been long forgotten in the History of French music. He is nevertheless considered as the father of the « Ode – Symphonie » an hybrid form combining melodrama, oratorio and the involvement of a speaker.
Owing to his work largely inspired by peregrinations to the oriental countries, he became one of the inevitable celebrities of the time and was praised by his contemporaries such as Théophile Gautier or Hector Berlioz who exclaimed: « Indeed David! What you have done is great, very original, noble and really beautiful…We have been admiration-stricken, deeply moved, carried along and astounded ».

In this audio-book, Les Siècles cut for the first time a recording of Christophe Colomb, « Ode-Symphonie » composed after a libretto by Méry Chaubet and  Sylvain Saint-Etienne and created on the 7th  of march 1847 at the Paris Conservatory.
Though it has sunk into oblivion, this work in undoubtedly considered as the most accomplished in this style.

François-Xavier Roth, Les Siècles, The Flemish Radio Choir as well as narrator  Jean-Marie Winling and soloists Chanton Santon-Jeffery, Julien Behr and  Josef Wagner join together and offer a rendering accurately faithful to the original score. The listener feels immersed in David’s dramatic world and discovers the poetic quality he had been denied by the whims of History.

The instruments played in this version have been chosen once again with the greatest care. They are made in France and date back, as much as possible, to the date of the creation of the work.

Collection « Portraits » by the Palazzetto Bru Zane (Ediciones Singulares) I 2017 I
volume 4

François-Xavier Roth, conductor
The Flemish Radio Choir 
With: Chantal Santon-Jeffery, Julien Behr, Josef Wagner, Jean-Marie Winling,
François Saint-Yves, Jonas Vitaud, Pascal Monlong, Pauline Buet, David Violi,
Duo Contraste