From its very beginning, Les Siècles has undertaken many educational and social activities, not only with longstanding partners but also with more and more new venues and facilities who share the same concern for artistic democratisation.

The educational and social activities of Les Siècles can be broken down into several points :

  • Educational concerts and major projects targeting school and family audiences: Les Siècles offers this type of concert at Le Blanc-Mesnil Forum,  Le Mail in Soissons, Amiens, Aix-en-Provence, the Cité de la Musique and Salle Pleyel in Paris and the Epau festival. The orchestra also initiated the ‘Stravinsky en mode hip-hop’ project, which enabled 60 young people from the Ile-de-France region to dance to the Rite of Spring at the Grand Halle de la Vilette.
  • The Jeune Symphonie de l’Aisne: An orchestral training session offered to pupils of the Aisne department’s conservatoires and tutored by the principal players of Les Siècles. At the end of each course, two or three large-scale concerts bringing together students, and professional musicians of Les Siècles are given across the region. In 2017, the Jeune Symphonie de l’Aisne will play on Sunday, July 2th at the Cité de la musique de Soissons and on Monday, July 3th at the Théâtre Jean Vilar at Saint-Quentin.
  • Youth Orchestra DEMOS – (Musical and Orchestral Education Device with Social Interest): Demos is an innovative project based on the collective learning of instrumental and orchestral practice, targeting young people who lack the economic, social or cultural resources that might enable them to practice and discover music.
  • European Hector Berlioz Youth Orchestra: In partnership with the Berlioz Festival at La Côte St-André and the Superior Pôle of Paris-Billancourt, students from the best european conservatories receive an introduction to period instruments from the time of Berlioz, tutored by the musicians of Les Siècles. For further information, visit Berlioz Festival website
  • Playing for Philharmonie : Two hundred amateur instrumentalists and chorists, all employees of Société Générale Group, mingled with 60 professional musicians from Les Siècles orchestra under the baton of François-Xavier Roth for a concert in one of Paris’s most prestigious classical music venues: the Salle Pleyel. A reinvention of corporate sponsorship, given new resonance to the idea of “Building team spirit together”. Watch the last concert, Playing For London 2017
  • Music in hospital : In partnership with Trousseau Hospital of Paris, Les Siècles propose several “solidarity concerts” at the hematology-oncology service. Two or three musiciens give to childrens the opportunity to discover the classic music history. The workshop is organised in different times : instrument’s presentation, listening, concert and practice (body clapping, voices, percussions). Watch the presentation video 
  • Music in EHPAD (retirement home) : In partnership with the Résidence Saint-Léger of Soissons, Les Siècles propose several workshops to work on memory. Most of residents have memory problems and suffer of disorientation and isolation. Thanks to music, the residents can get a feeling of well-being.
  • Educational and social activities in priority neighborhood and rural areas : Les Siècles also offers many educational activities in partnership with festivals and venues in which it performs regularly.